Jun 27, 2008

Daily Painting - 3

I think I suck at painting glass :-( Anyway, here's my 3rd miniature. Thanks to Sundu, this one was not done in one day. It took me a fifteen minute session on the second day.

Title: Glass object - 1
Size: 3" by 4"
Medium: Oils. (I am removing this from my next post 'cos am currently working only in oils. When there is a different medium I will mention it.)

Jun 20, 2008

Daily painting - 1

My first miniature is ready. It is not exactly the size of an art card. Slowly plan to improve on my skills with Daily painting.

Size 3.5" by 5"
Medium: Oils.


Art card, editions and originals

Art cards are normally creations by artists in any medium on any surface. The only rule is that they are of the size 3.5" by 2.5".

Starting from today till July 20th I plan to paint one a day. Check by the end of the day for a new one.

Okay! That sounds very ambitious. But hope I can do it... ... ...

Jun 17, 2008

Charcoal - Vibha

Bala's cousin's daughter. I loved the way she was relaxing. I did this in charcoal.

I think I will try this in oils.

Jun 15, 2008

Portrait - almost done

Its almost done. Anymore tweaks may not be so visible. Needs about a day's work though.

Jun 6, 2008

Portrait - days???

Summer vacation has been a very crazy one. Going to Thanjavur, back to Madras, back to pune. Thanks to Shreyasi, I put in a few hours to get a smile in the eyes and a few improvements on the hands. Still a long way to go.

Apr 12, 2008


Now trying to paint this is an ambitious one. But I just hope it comes out well. Do give inputs on how I can improve on the painting.


After 3 hrs of work

After another 2 hrs

Apr 11, 2008

Taking up oils

Someone had advertised locally that she gives lessons in oil painting. I decided to take the offer and attended classes when I was carrying Sundu 7 months. I managed to complete one painting with her.

Encouraged by the results of this I did my next on my own without help from my teacher. The result has been ok. But it took me more than 7 months to complete because of Sundu's birth, etc etc..