Aug 16, 2006


I am still trying to fish out the original image file from Wet Canvas. It is taking quite a long time. Anyway, here is my attempt at drawing the chair. The legs are longer than they ought to be. But I got the green signal to move on to lesson 2.

Aug 2, 2006

Hari with lines

Next assignment was to redraw Hari's portrait with lines. My first attempt was pretty bad as always. Tried to improve on the darks a little bit. Seems better yet there ought to be more layers on it to look more like Hari. I think I will come back after a few more classes and then work on it.

Jul 26, 2006


The first assignment was to draw circles. Fill them with lines to give them a more spherical shape. My first attempt was as usual a disaster.

The second after a little bit of encouragement from Robin at wetcanvas forum looked more like spherical objects.

Jul 25, 2006


Recently I started taking classes at to improve my drawing skills. It has been pretty good so far. I quite thrilled to see how the feedback has helped me. Pre class assignment was to draw something which has been a challenge for me. I drew Hari's picture three years when he was about four months old. I want to improve it. Lets see if after the classes the portrait turns out better.